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RCA Drawing Presents

RCA Drawing is an independent collaborative project founded in 2019 by Lucy Gallwey and Sarah Mercer, working with artists and designers from across the Royal College of Art community. Classes are student-focused, providing various accessible and experimental approaches to drawing, and utilise our unique position outside of the curriculum to provide a non-critical space in which students can play and experiment.

The selected artists use drawing to develop their practice and express ideas: using drawing as a tool, a way of processing information, a wordless method of communication, or even a concept by which to consider the movement of a body in space. Some of these drawings are developed into objects, a pause in a process of metamorphosis and retranslation between different media and dimensional planes. Some are used as a vessel by which the artist can connect with memory and with their own body. The work selected for this Collection shows drawing and mark-making’s continued power across disciplines in contemporary art practice.