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Interior Design (MA)

Interior Futures


Terminus: a place to arrive

a place to depart

This platform invites participants to speculate on a future where flying urban transportation is commonplace and commercial application including laws and legislation is standard practice.

Global cities continue to struggle with the urban pressures of pollution and overpopulation with many primary problems arising from traffic congestion and chaotic infrastructure. Serious thought is required to reimagine public transportation and commercial delivery practice.

At a time when laws and legislation attempt to keep up with reality and our cities fill up with flying machines, we must find ways to adapt architectural infrastructure in order to facilitate the change. By investing in the development of flying machines for both domestic and commercial applications we look to reimagine potential futures.

Futures Platformer’s were invited to envisage and then design the systems and environment that might create the conditions for Terminus.

Places to arrive at and depart from.

Places to gather, to collect belongings.

Places to store, to repair and recharge.

Places where a surprising supporting act may occur in order for the human condition to flourish and grow.

This platform invites students to challenge scale, materiality, dimension, and performance and to be both rigorous and sensitive in providing a sensory narrative. They should demonstrate skill and bravery in creating a purpose-built environment for future transportation.

Tutor: Steve Jensen

Video by Ran Duan