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Architecture (MA)

ADS6: Make Film Place


What does it mean to do something ‘in-person’? How much of what we do requires direct, physical engagement with a place or material? There are no definitive answers, especially given the pandemic arrived so suddenly and still has unknown consequences. While not everything can remain the same, our very way of working might be at stake. Looking forward, we are even more convinced that hands-on working is essential. Manual work questions the outlooks, anxieties, and unspoken rules about the makers’ environment and our behaviour within it. In ASD6, this is a critical departure for design and learning.

We make films to interrogate what we make, and the sites our work might be set against. Our goal is not to depict reality in its most accurate form, but rather to provide sensory measures that question our environment. We make for a place and what we make is of a place. If a location is where we are, and a place is the perceived image we see of that place, then to make a place is to develop a focused understanding, which is on the edges of how we see placeness. Illuminating both the place and what is out of place.