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Architecture (MA)

ADS9: Sun in my Mouth and Leap into the Ripe Air


ADS9 investigates the architecture of openness. The studio imagines a boundless architecture, where there is no separation and distinction between walls and space, building and site, bodies and environment, earth and sky. ADS9 envisions an architecture in which the barriers between a vast spectrum of scales, material physicality and spatial phenomena, artificiality and ecological matters, architectural presence and the territorial completely dissipates. An architecture of openness that exists as a single continuum of everything, everyone and everywhere.

This year allowed opportunities for reengagement – back in the studio, in the workshops, working directly again with matter and physical models while collaborating with others. In a room full of models testing soil behaviour and recycled granular waste constructions, a porous, eroding material using pulp, oats and fibres was developed for ‘Achadh tiagh’, where forces of nature, vegetation and construction together form a place of settlement for a crofting community on the Isle of Colonsay. Experimental weaving techniques lead to an exuberant setting in O-K-Pop (Occupying K-Pop) for the K-pop enthusiast in Seoul, providing a stage for all. Fragile structures of bamboo and fishing nets formed a space of respite for the migrant fishermen in ‘Life afloat’ in Taiwan. Buoyant and floating while extending the island of Nangangao, it is a proposal for a space that is neither of the land, nor of the sea.

With special thanks to:

Live Project – Simon Withers

Technical Studies - Michael Keverne

Image: Zibo Zhang – mach blau