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School of Communication

Communication Research (PhD)


Communication researchers are integral to the critical processes and means through which new ‘ways of being’ in the world are explored. Our focus for RCA2022 is on societal challenges and interdisciplinarity. As such, consideration is given to research where communication and the social aspects of human interaction are foregrounded. The School of Communication’s postgraduate researchers are combining disciplines in unprecedented and innovative ways. Our researchers push at the edges of their individual fields of study yet remain at the apex of interdisciplinary practices. For example, working at the intersections of vision science and typographic design, curation and spatial design, as well as sociolinguistics and graphic design.

The projects by this year’s three PhD graduates have used a critical practice to address an epistemic change in the ‘colonial realities’ of production; to question the practice of adding extra-alphabetic symbols to new orthographies; and to identify a need for addressing reading performance for low vision results through optimal typeface stroke widths. Our graduates mobilise new kinds of knowledge formation; exploring, probing, and creating ways to open dialogues on what it means to be human in rapidly shifting environments.

Find out more about Communication Research at the RCA:

Instagram: @rca_commresearch

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