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Fashion (MA)

FAME (Footwear, Accessories, Millinery, Eyewear)


Footwear, Accessories, Millinery and Eyewear (FAME) 2022 has been enriched by crossing the disciplines of bio-design, engineering, digital design, artisanship and more. Delicately made with our hands, or with the use of advanced technology, or a mixture of both, we craft accessories for all parts of the body - from head to toe.

Through research and iteration, we reveal our vision and desires, exploring the sensitivity of our work while we question ourselves… encouraging us to dive deeper.

Reflecting emotions, experiences, our backgrounds and identities. We as unique designers, creators or makers, are gathered as one within this creative community. We are FAME.


(Final collection handbag made in 3D printed coloured resin and electroplated chrome @_erin_yyw)