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Print (MA)


Welcome, thanks for looking, thank you for sharing your time as the artists graduating from Print share with you their images and ideas. It’s not that all artists don’t want to share, that’s part of the job description, but artists thinking through Print, making a multiple object or edition often aim to share in multiple places at the same time.

This website you peer at is in that realm. Others elsewhere are also looking, perhaps tomorrow or yesterday as the time zones of the internet operate everywhere at once, attempting to link this planets day and night into simultaneously accessible moments.

The students graduating this year joined during the pandemic, entering an institutional environment that involved unknown twists and turns. Emerging from this place at this time has its impacts, on the people and the wider context of the art produced.

As I write, I am looking at artist Tim O’Riley’s book ‘Accidental Journey’ on my desk with its screen-printed luminous moon on the cover reworked from Galileo’s drawing.

I came across a quote within it from Vilém Flusser: ‘the real is surrounded by the possible like an island by the ocean. We live on the beaches of the real’.

I feel I am pulling this out as a reflection of this moment, a strange feeling of the students now arriving at a place where they both remember the recent past—and seek to find a form of that past again—and imagine the future.

It’s a new horizon, altered, and the work here prods the shifting sands of our politics and habitats. Look closely and you will be rewarded with fascinating views to navigate towards a better place.

Finlay Taylor
(Acting Head of Programme)

Instagram: @rcaprint

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