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Experimental Animation

Beth Walker

Beneath, Moving Image

A meditation on growth, connection and symbiosis inspired by the entangled lives of fungi.

Recent years have seen a surge of research and collective curiosity around fungi. Neither plant nor animal, fungi are a kingdom of life which exist largely hidden from view, but which may hold answers to some of our most pressing problems.

My journey into this space began with Merlin Sheldrake’s recent, groundbreaking book Entangled Life. This work opened my eyes, not only to the crucial role that fungi play in ecosystems, but also to the philosophical questions raised by their distinctly non-human way of existing.

In particular, I was struck by the notion of the ‘wood wide web’ — the ability of fungi to connect plants and trees in complex underground networks, exchanging carbon for nutrients and channelling chemical information. In forests, these networks can be so dense and extensive that trees can detect what happens to each other across long distances.

My film Beneath is inspired by the behaviours of fungi, and wider themes of growth, connection and symbiosis. Made with experimental analog and digital techniques, I hope to take my audience into a hidden world where edges blur, connection is vital, and life thrives through togetherness. 


Moving Image
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Still Still We Flow (2021)Liquid forms contort, morph and simmer. Can stillness be found in the flux? An experimental film made at the Royal College of Art, London. Director & Visual Artist: Beth Walker Sound Designer: Nicholas Faris
Trails (2020)Made as part of the Rhythmanalysis Elective at RCA, using a specially built turning rig to animate a textural loop which grows in complexity over time.

Beth is a filmmaker and visual artist based in London. Beth's work spans films, installations, live visuals and music videos.

Originally from Nottingham, UK, Beth studied English at Royal Holloway University, taking a particular interest in modernist literature, magical realism and the beat generation.

After graduating in 2012 she worked for documentary screening organisation DocHouse, and initiated a side project, DocTent, which brought pop-up documentary screenings to music festivals around the UK. 

Beth relocated to Brighton in 2014 and began her own filmmaking practice, focusing on projects with socially conscious brands such as Brighton Fashion Week and Good Money. She went on to work as in-house filmmaker for ethical travel company Responsible Travel. This role led to a two year period of travel and filmmaking in locations across Asia, Africa and Europe. 

Alongside commercial work, Beth developed her own creative practice, experimenting with a wide range of techniques. In 2019 she produced a solo exhibition for ONCA Gallery in Brighton, featuring collages, animations and an immersive installation.  

Beth is a keen collaborator and particularly enjoys working with musicians and creating live visuals for events. She is currently completing her MA in Animation at the Royal College of Art, and intends to continue developing her filmmaking practice after graduation.

Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, First floor

Beth Walker-statement

My recent practice has centred around questions of reconnection; with community, the inner self and the natural world.

My approach is process led. I often work with organic or reactive materials, and allow myself to be guided by their unique qualities and behaviours. My process sometimes involves a period of laboratory-style investigation, to discover how a particular material might be brought to life through moving image.

I am drawn to subject matters which are intangible, evading and fragile, but enjoy revealing these themes through bold imagery and rich colourscapes. I hope to encourage a feeling of curiosity and connection, while leaving as much space as possible for individual experience.