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Graphic Design

Chengyan Sun

I am a visual communicator and experimenter, as well as an ordinary person who needs to express. I see vision as a kind of language. I use different methods to make visions expressing the people and the world that I understand. This is the dialogue between me and myself, and also the communication of the world I inhabit. My professional background is visual communication. Now, I explore more ways to express.

Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, Ground floor

This story — about a boy's exploration of gender and sexuality — is a metaphor for my personal experience. In this era of apparent openness, some people still doubt what they recognise in themselves, which may come from the influence of their family, or from a lack of sex education. I also hope that those who feel pressure because of self doubt can face themselves bravely without shame and find their true self.

I used photography, reflecting on its 'fuzziness' and its role in memory and identity. For me, the camera is a tool to record the real world, and photography is a secondary version of reality. It is instantaneous, calm and flowing. Through this process, I reconstructed a memory of the past to form a metaphorical story.


Photography, Book, Fabric Printing, Digital Printing