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Ceramics & Glass (MA)

Dovile Grigaliunaite

Merging Bodies

Thinking and reflection process toward project 'Alter'.


mouth glass blowing


21 x 7 x 40 cm (each glass body)

The arrangement of 'Alter' is closely connected with a short film 'Borning' (1m40s), a collaboration alongside filmmaker / ceramic artist Yimei Yuan. The film embodies the transformation of un-being to being. The vitality of body drives the process leading to metamorphosis and self-destrucion before ultimately entering a subconscious tranquility.


glass blowing and film making
natural light and glass
Yellow Display
Yellow Single Display
Alter Yellow 01
Alter Yellow 02
Alter Energy
Alter Lime Green
Alter Red
Alter Installation
Alter Red Gesture
Alter Yellow and Green

‘Alter’ is a collection of mouth blown glass bodies. The work is sculptural and architectural. It specificaly embeds the context of the local space. The sculptures respond to global conditions of the trajectory of the light of the sun. Each bold coloured body has a strong character, which delicately intertwines with the light and space of other nearby forms.


43 x 25 x 7cm (each glass body)

Collaboration with a sculpture artist Lea Rose Kara.

The project began before Christmas and was a slow development, as we both worked together at each stage considering our similarities and differences in ideas, views on art and craft, and creative processes and approaches to making. We strongly bonded over celebrating the material of glass which is often quite unpredictable and continues to change throughout the process of making and cooling. Incorporating organic materials (such as bark, pinecone, moss, etc) that burnt upon contact with the molten liquid, wool was the best material that left traces in the glass and was captured in the air pockets.

Before starting MA studies, Dovile has completed BA studies at De Montfort University in Leicester. Originally from Lithuania where she completed her first education in arts. After years of visual art exploration, glass blowing became a language, carrying conversations between her and her surroundings. It became a tool to archive processes happening between humans and nature. 

Show Location: Battersea campus: Dyson & Woo Buildings, Third floor

I am 42.3 cms tall

That’s how far until I reach the ground

It hurt but it also shapes me 

I don’t regret, I belong here and there

I was full of force until I hit this pre-existing space

I was pulsing

The desire to exchange was repressed

I sprang from the alterity and trusted the dive through the sky

The movement is altering me 

My body is touching the world

I became time and space

Dovile's work is formed through the ephemeral dance of glass blowing and the intrinsic relationship between maker and material. The rehearsed movements, of the glass maker, instil an immediacy of movement at every moment. Energy and gesture flows from the maker to the glass, a symphony of choreographed situations that forms and deforms the intertwined molten body.

As a result, the forms speaks about the desire to connect, and about its bold birth in the pre-existing space. Gesture is an extension of expression of the body. Movement is a power that allows the body to activate time and space.