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Painting (MA)

Dumo Guo

The Diagonal
The DiagonalA digital version of Euan Uglow's painting The Diagonal.
Dream, media item 1
Dream, media item 2
Dreaming about the continuous rebirth of existence as a balloon in a room.
Dreaming about the continuous rebirth of existence as a balloon in a room.
Devlog, media item 1
Devlog, media item 2
Devlog, media item 3
Devlog, media item 4
Devlog, media item 5
Devlog, media item 6

This is a video game about making a video game.

Dumo Guo 郭都末 is a digital artist focusing on digital materiality and virtual reality.

She is currently working with game engines for building public, interactive, and evolving virtual worlds.

Show Location: Battersea campus: Painting Building, First floor

Art has been a product of three components: the mind, the heart, and past experiences. As the disappearance of the natural environment synchronizes with the disintegration of perceiving reality, that interconnectedness is now expanding to the collective consciousness, the remote empathy, and the imagination of the future that may change history. We are all the medium that art takes its place, all caught up in it, meanwhile changing it.

Thus, my works are both virtual and variable. Those digital works comprised of data exist as complete thoughts and images. Every piece has arbitrary features and static properties waiting to be informed by human interaction. I explore, collect, and join the information from the network and then redistribute this across the digital ecosystem. Being exchangeable on the virtual platform, digital works using game engines have multiple potentials: animation, virtual photography, or immersive digital theater. It is a process of playing and creating that will never be finished.