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Experimental Communication

Jiseon Kim

Jiseon Kim is a designer and visual communicator from Korea. She graduated from Hongik university in 2020 with her BA in Metal Art & Design and Industrial Design(product design). After her undergraduate studies, she worked as an art director and UX designer in Korea.

Since she has experienced art in various fields such as product, spatial design, craft, and experimental communication, she likes to experiment and explore the boundaries of visual art with different media and materials. She mainly focus on visualizing invisible ideas through archiving, and she enjoy communicating with the audience through interactive media such as games, websites, and installations.

Jiseon Kim-statement

What kind of medicine do you want?

What kind of medicine do you need?

What medicine do we need in this world?

There aren’t many things in this world that we can do as we please. Not only external factors but even problems over which you can control yourself. Sometimes I think it would be nice to solve all the problems by pouring in a small pill.

Speculative fictional pharmacy is a project that dispenses fake medicines that are not actually sold at pharmacies but are important to our mental health and life. By making their own medicine, participants can consult what they need and what issues they have.

The core of this project is that even if we don't actually reach the utopia, there are new words and worlds and that can be comforting.

If it’s not in this world, visit sfpharmacy!

sfpharmacy, media item 1
sfpharmacy, media item 2
sfpharmacy, media item 3
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