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Photography (MA)

Minxu Li

Minxu Li (b. 1997, China) is a London-based artist working with photography, digital game, and sculpture. For her, art is a means of communicating unspeakable things that can trigger obsessional feelings, such as taboo, trauma, subconscious, and the absurd.

Show Location: Battersea campus: Dyson & Woo Buildings, First floor

The game was inspired by the ritual on Qingming Festival where Chinese people burn paper-made offerings such as cars, houses, money, and other necessities for their dead relatives in the hope that they could live their afterlife with the lifestyle they used to have. I captured paper-made furniture and other necessities from Chinese online shopping malls and made this drag-and-drop game in which people now get to decorate their dead relative / friend's afterlife home.



Digital Game

I have been recording my dreams with photography since the start of the pandemic. By doing so I explore how dreams provide an alternative narrative of one’s memories and emotions. They are, I feel, like a loosely built cottage - the structural instability allows one to see more light inside from between the gaps.

This photographic project is inspired by my personal experience of romantic relationships. The balance I always find myself trying to achieve is usually extremely hard - just like walking on a frozen pond, I could fall from being open to oversharing, from being affectionate to needy, from liking someone to projecting fantasy upon them. It's like a tender war, a process of gently scratching the place where you feel itchy.