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Sound Design

Nicholas Faris

Nicholas Faris is a sound designer and artist from Wales. Nicholas navigates his practice through the means of improvisation, adopted from his background as a musician. His work traverses the connections between modes of listening and lived experiences.

Object Ensemble - IRCAM, Centre Pompidou, Paris (2022)

Downtown Digging - House of Vans (2022)

Urgent Blood - Winner - 'Flash Fiction Open Call: Alternative Networks' - The Photographers' Gallery (2021)

Performance - Tectonic Resonances, Chile Pavilion, London Design Biennale (2021)

Sound Design - Cardiff Animation Festival, Microacts Short Film Festival (2021-2022)

Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, First floor

Nicholas Faris-statement

My inquiry into listening uses exercises in improvisation as the starting point for modes of discovery that move beyond musical contexts using visual narratives, performances and sonic experience. Improvisation enables me to intuitively respond to my work throughout, forming a dialogical process without the constraints of pre-determining outcomes. My practice observes the performative behaviour of material using sound and vibration as the primary source. My current research reflects on how listening can re-position the frames of reference that we use to make sense of our experiences.

Behaviours’ is part film, part still image detailing the interactivity between charcoal, paper and sound. Charcoal transforms itself into a performer, leaving a trace of itself behind, as it listens and responds to the vibrations of its environment. Simple wave forms are played through a loudspeaker, shaped by the artist, who in turn responds to the movements and patterns displaced on the surface. Conversations are echoed by the frictions between the fibrous and resonant property of charcoal and paper. Both materials reveal a fluidity and tension caused by sound bearing a resemblance to the affects of listening.

01, Charcoal on Paper
01, Charcoal on Paper
01, Charcoal on Paper


Charcoal on Paper


Behaviours Trailer - Full film will be screened at Battersea South Campus - 25-30th June
02, Sound, Moving Image
02, Sound, Moving Image
02, Sound, Moving Image
02, Sound, Moving Image


Sound, Moving Image
ClearSpot - Resonance FM, Experimental Radio

Radio programme hosted on Resonance FM showcasing a multitude of improvised responses.


"Listen: Trace - takes form as a sonic narrative, guiding the experience of listening through traces in the temporality of sound. In much the same way that no two experiences of listening are the same, each contribution falls across a wide spectrum from abstracted field recordings, poetic expressions and short improvised performances from musicians and non-musicians alike."


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