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Ceramics & Glass (MA)

Noa Chernichovsky

Noa Chernichovsky is a Ceramic sculptor, born (1990) and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. She completed her BFA (2016) from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, where she received the prestigious Blumenthal Award for Excellence in Ceramics. In 2018, she founded the Ceramic in Frishman ceramic school in the heart of Tel Aviv. Chernichovsky was selected (2020) by the Clore Foundation to receive the RCA Clore-Bezalel scholarship for her MA studies at the Royal College of Art (London).

Her work is based on a constant awareness of her immediate surroundings. She examines the network of associations that is created around objects and their fragments, tying together their inherent narratives.

Noa creates works for commission as well as for exhibitions and installations. She is open to dialogue with galleries and is interested in international residencies. As a studio-based artist, she continues researching and developing her work as well as seeking external opportunities.

Show Location: Battersea campus: Dyson & Woo Buildings, Third floor

In this work, Chernichovsky spotlights the everyday textures and forms that we often overlook in the streets of London; asphalt roads, bollards, pier caps, market stall goods, and rubbish. These accumulate into a collection of hybrid sculptures that compose a dreamlike environment shaped from an urban landscape.

Noa Chernichovsky’s volumes are composed of many elements, each with its own context and cultural value. As in a collage, these elements merge into a larger, overall image that holds its own various identities. She combines many different ceramic techniques that include thrown parts, hand-building and slab moulding, blended with non-ceramic materials and readymades. 

Chernichovsky sees herself as a “sampler” of surfaces and shapes from the physical world. Although the subjects of her work are mundane, they are conveyed in a language that is over-the-top, with elaborate textures and patterns to produce a final image full of energy.

Facing the Plenty, Battersea, London
Collage Print
Facing the Plenty, 2022
Facing the Plenty, detail
Cauliflower Bollard, 92X27X27 cm
Banana Tree, 72x50×50 cm
Pier Cap, 50X50X50 cm
Bird 17\17, 26x16x24 cm
Bird 12\17, 16X16X11 cm
Bird 1\17, earthenware 6.5x14x11 cm
Bird 1\17, 6.5x14x11 cm
Bird 2\17, 16X13X11 cm
Facing the Plenty, installation


Ceramics, earthenware

Clore Foundation