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Experimental Communication

Qianru Niu

Classic Footage I
Classic Footage I
Classic Footage II
Classic Footage II
Classic Footage III
Classic Footage III
N-Generation, Film, Performance, Cyberspace
Launch Project
The love affair between Smartglasses and Mobile Phone in the virtual-real world
Launch Project
The secret sorrow of digital citizens as new virtual communities come into being
Launch Project
Young start-up company N-G is ready for the challenges and opportunities of the Metaverse

In order to make technology marketing and its ends visible, I created a fictional corporation to make a parody and satire of the current marketing system. 

In cyberspace, supported by digital media, technology marketing transforms electronics into an energy flow via images, lexicon and concepts, which can circulate quickly among the masses.


  • For the product: users paid more attention to the practical features before, which now shifts to a vision shaped by language and images.
  • For value: the practical values of products have developed into the unified belief in the images of corporations.
  • For function: the functions of hardwares weaken, and the services of softwares in cyberspace create a shared experience to comfort users psychologically. Technology companies are now aiming to form the relationship between people to shape the crowd, but they call it 'community'.

They enable the energy flow to affect the public intensively. 

Since the majority is unclear about cutting-edge technologies, it is easier for them to reprocess these energies into an illusory technical vision and spontaneously gather into crowds rather than 'community'. These people fit the characteristics of crowds, like the increasing members, the unified belief, and being blind with fascination, which will make the technical worship come into being.

In this process, corporations have deceived people via their products to expand consumption and enable the 'cutting-edge technology’ to blend into individuals’ daily activities, which can shape the normalization and consolidate the domestication, in terms of behaviour discipline and perception management. The individuals in the so-called 'community' tend to be crowd-centered and follow the ideology of the interest group, who seeks more profits for technology capital.


Film, Performance, Cyberspace
Film Clip
Film Clip

Ghost Map is my response to 'ghosts' which I define as human exploration of the unknown. 

Technical innovations inspire the development of machine vision, which encourages the ‘world’ visible to the naked eye to be widely extended. Through this process, the existing ghosts are gradually eliminated. The possibility of new ghosts has been transferred to technology. 

Based on the framework of semiotics, simulation, and the temporal continuity within human cognitive systems, this project explores the ghosts embedded in techniques (mainly focused on mechanical vision, such as digital images). Audiences can take part in this project and contribute to the ghost archive through the website.


Mixed Media
Inward Domain, Immersive Projection
Launch Project

With the rapid development of society, the public gets used to ignoring the self and sinks into a 'busy life' most of the time. This is a dangerous signal of self-loss. In this case, to a certain degree, focusing on the present enables individuals suffering the anxiety to enjoy more peaceful emotions and relieve the negative ones.

Inward Domain is a research project based on BCI, which aims to record brain waves and output data to access a better understanding of emotions, thereby setting up a bridge between people and their inner worlds.

In its current stage, we intend to explore the potential influence and feedback when personal emotions are intertwined with an immersive space encompassed by audio (alpha music) and vision (real-time interactive moving image). The introspective moods triggered by the current sphere provide subtle spiritual comfort to visitors.


Immersive Projection

I am a communicator and a storyteller dedicated to exploring new forms of narrative across mixed media. I enjoy telling stories, spreading ideas and creating things.

  • Knot Galleria x Noya, SHANGHAI 2021.7.17-2021.8.1
  • New York G:A GOT 2&3D Exhibition (collaboration: INWARD DOMAIN), 2021 

Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, Ground floor

Qianru Niu-statement

Most of my work pays attention to finding a more interesting way of narrative including static genres and dynamic ones: film, theatrical performance, visual and audio immersive environment…

As a visual designer, I enjoy being a storyteller to disseminate my ideas to viewers and create things.

I tend to think critically and practise logically.

My topics focus on the intersection between technology and communication.Based on the interaction between individuals and groups, I discuss the influence of virtual media in terms of machine vision, internet, etc. on human cognition and behaviour.