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Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSc)

Ran Jiang

Hi! I'm Ran Jiang, an interdisciplinary designer working across product design, speculative design, service integration design, innovative CMF, and digital material innovation.

I am skilled in using systematic thinking and interactive experiences to bridge the digital and physical worlds and to create future life possibilities with a forward-looking vision.

By exploring natural ways of creation, material aesthetics, and new technologies, I hope to bring about ground-breaking change and reflection on contemporary lifestyles and generations.

Show Location: Kensington campus: Darwin Building, Lower ground floor

AMEBA is an editing print design platform for self-forming elastic fabric. Accurate automatic conversion of fabric from 2d printed texture to predicted 3d shape through 3d printing and fabric elastic properties. 

AMEBA innovates a feasible and easy-to-use new fabric forming manufacturing method by analyzing and applying the physical principles in an experimental iteration process. The result brings new possibilities and opportunities for manufacturing processes and experiential functions in the fields of fabric transformation, garment pattern, and even soft furnishing and architectural surface texture.

Digital Control Platforms and Printers
Sample of Experimental Materials
Case Study
In recent years, due to the popularity of 3D printing, using fabric elasticity to create self-forming textures appears in many fields, especially in the apparel industry for texture making. In current cases, the designers find it hard to predict the outcome of their creation, maybe one out of a hundred shapes will meet their requirements. So, Predictable, changeable, and controllable, can turn an unconscious creation into a method that can be widely applied.
Experiment Process, media item 2
Summarizing key data and insights from the experiments, connected to the 3d printing platform through digital quantification.
Product Manufacturing Process
Customization in Combination with 3D Scanning
Disrupting traditional garment manufacturing

Everything we perceive in the physical world is composed of materials and geometries. AMEBA concretizes these already existing but invisible material properties to rethink additive manufacturing in a smarter and easier way. AMEBA helps designers reach their styling goals with precision in a simpler and more direct way.