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Experimental Design

Siyuan Huang

Huang Siyuan (Moi) is an artist/designer/curator based between London, Toronto, and Shanghai. She seeks to explore social and environmental issues through her work. She believes that developing new narrative forms can help cut through informational noise. Moi prefers to create immersive projects and believes in sensory participation, and she uses fragmented elements and minimalism to encourage participants to think and interact in new ways.

Moi completed her BA in Graphic Design at the Ontario College of Art and Design. Moving between places brings her a unique view of the world from different perspectives, making her work more focused on resonating and linking with many different communities.

Past exhibitions:   Ford Gallery, Eastern Michigan University.

                             Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia.

                             Shanghai Power Station of Art.

                             Shanghai Himalayas Museum. 

Curated and designed:  

Visual Identity of POP-UP in Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto.

Designer of the Visual identity of the RCA IED 2021 show, "Proximity and Distance." 

Design the opening ceremonies visuals for Centre Pompidou x West Bund Project - The Voice of Things


Visual identity design and printouts for West Bund Museum, Shanghai

Huawei's new color campaign illustration

App for Fredric Malle Perfume (China)

My research at the RCA mainly focuses on social and environmental issues. The work presented here investigates the role of consumerism in love relationships by producing new possibilities to spend money on virtual objects, and analysing responses to these opportunities.

A diamond ring is an object that is internationally symbolic of love, and for many it is a requirement for marriage. I have explored the production process of diamond rings and their circulation and costing in the marketplace. I then used this data to design a new virtual product. 

Product:40 Exclusive NFT Diamonds Open sea: MoiHSY
Concept View:This version is designed for a more realistic approach. The same version within RCA final show. In limited space presents the idea of multi-screens with the flash of lights and fast speed of switching slogans and images.
Installation View:Present the compositions of monitors with 3d render space. The fast speed of social media advertisements from the different platforms is a metaphor for different sizes of screens.

This project replicates real-life consumerism with an NFT series of digital diamonds packaged in hypnotizing commercial campaigns.

Advertising is responsible for the way in which we value objects like diamonds, which have no intrinsic value. The project follows the norms of typical historical diamond campaigns and creates a new form based on an NFT diamond, which is 'NON-FUNGIBLE,' to test audiences' reactions. 

Is the purchase of the object itself or its advertised added value?

(Exclusive: 40)




1080 x 1080