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Graphic Design

Suthata Suthmahatayangkun

JADED, 24 (+3 Covid years), Sassy Scorpio, Bangkok born, London based, of well-educated and international background. This Scorpio was awarded First Class Honors from an art college with the abbreviation 'CSM', located in Granary Square, Kings Cross, for BA Architecture. 

 A 'Culture Producer' is what this Scorpio aspired to put in their email signature as a job title one day. Not only are they a veteran in managing 3 gradation shows. They have experience designing, promoting, producing, and servicing cultural events and museums in Bangkok, London, and Singapore. Scorpio had worked collaboratively alongside Alliance Française Bangkok, Bureau of the Royal Household, Singapore Institution of Architects (SIA), Royal College of Art (RCA) and Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC). 

This Scorpio has an apartment on Uranus but with a questionable credit score. They enjoy reading foreign language books that were translated poorly by AIs. Sassy Scorpio is a devoted shipper of Frederick the Great X Voltaire. 

While in their spare time, apart from being a meme economist, they write mischievous and eccentric text for Content Free. Their previous project, a five-part series called 'Update From The Digital Space', encapsulated Zoom education's awkwardness in a comical, satirical and unapologetic manner. 

Sassy Scorpio is seeking… anything really! 

Be it employment, capital, commission, collaboration, relationship....

Or just someone to look at their project ↓

Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, Ground floor

“Chronic diseases, tribulations, and self-deprecation. 
These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect angsty art student project.
But this troubled soul accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction, ‘Juvenalian Satire’.
Thus, Ministry of Situational Oddities was born.
Using the ultra-super powers of ‘ample knowledge in the realm of the Anthropocene’, ‘psychological projection’ and ‘genuine lack of compassion’ as a coping mechanism and excuses to make memes”

- Definitely not the intro from the much loved 2000s animation 'P▇▇r Pu▇ Gi▇' .

 Ministry of Situational Oddities (MSO) has one primary objective: to witness and document the ‘strange occurrences’ that manifest according to your impending Anthropocentric Extinction. 

'Obscuritas, Tempus, Destructio'

It had never occurred to me that one day I would be breaking the taboo of creating a project about myself or orienting it around subjectivity. This taboo was implanted deeply in me through years of rigorous training as an Architecture Designer. Everything was always about the 'user', 'the client' or 'the community'. 

But when your bodily flesh failed you, your mind left disassociated- time skipped and paused, your past writes your future, nothing else mattered. My defects and shortcoming were mines. Mine alone.

These were the ‘tools’ I have been given. I envision them coming together as a large oculus, where I can examine my surrounding, distorted and unreliable. But I then realized that are two sides to an oculus. You can see an ant from your magnifying glass, but you can also project the sun down to the poor ant….

Circa 2020-2022Back in 2020, I finally turned 25. ‘The age of misfortune’, they called it ‘เบญจเพส’ /Beỵcphes̄/, a deviation from Pali ‘पञ्चविष्त’. Your salvation are only through the good deeds accumulated in all your reincarnated past lives and monkhood. Collection of visuals from circa 2020-2022, encapsulating a very 'distinctive' time of my life, consequential to the conception of my project.

I zealously collect esoteric visuals I came across, whether it's images I took, edited or screenshotted. 

I look at them sometimes when I'm on my commute. When you think I'm absorbed in some zesty intellectual debates, in the comment section. But no, I'm just looking at a photo of a goose getting a Laparotomy. Over the past years, these images collected are emblematic of the context of my life, yet not fully internalized but brushed off as something comical. 


Digital Collage
Ministry of Situational OdditiesMinistry of Situational Oddities (MSO)/Obscuritas, Tempus, Destructio/Darkness, Time, Destruction.
Agent Host Agent #245179 / רמה‘קע”ט Name: Suthata M. Suthmahatayangkun # Please note that the Host had been listed to have ‘Anti-Social Behaviors’. Host’s habits and hobbies will continue to manifest throughout the mission. #
Mission KitMSO issued 'Mission Kit' for #201221 (רא‘רכ”א) in Timeline: ▇▇▇▇

Ministry of Situational Oddities was conceived from the need for a playful and unconventional yet critical platform to critique the realm around me when things fall apart. In particular, the realm of events and circumstances is 'not quite right' and downright 'peculiar'. Yet, in its methodologies and pursuits, the project presents opportunities for self-exploration and coping mechanisms with chronic illness and humanistic flaws. 

Ministry of Situational Oddities' became my curtain, and its 'Agent' became my persona and voice. 

Ministry: Authoritative/Political/Fictional/Trolling/Performative

Situational: Place/Time/People/Space/Culture

Oddities: Narrative/Comical/Subjective/Context

A true reflection of my interest: 

The mundane, the overlooked & the jaded,

The fluidity in definition and interpretation,

The unconventional methodologies.

The visual, identity, mood and tone of MSO is my personal homage to Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995), Donna Haraway's Cthulucene and H.P Lovecraft's Cosmic Horrors.

Mission Induction Package Cover
MSO Mission Statement & Timeline: ▇▇▇▇ Context
Situational Oddities Checklist
Agent Corner's Log (Pyromaniac & Late Stage Capitalism)

All Agent Fieldwork documented during the mission will need to meet the standard of MSO

(Please refer to ‘MSO’s Research Work & Material Treatment Guideline’)

All work conducted by the Agent, mission documentation or personal entry will need to be hand over to the Extraction and Cleaning Team.

Language & Communication

Research and work produced for this mission must be in languages recognized by MSO, or pre-approved depending on the nature of Mission. .

They are as follow:


 Hebrew (12-AAB-A)

 English (52-ABA-C)


Agent must utilize technological devices that are appropriate for their assigned timeline and mission.

MSO values functionality and discretion OVER advance apparatus.

Your Quartermaster has prepared a mission kit and will be ready for pick up at your drop off point. 





My Parents Money

I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards the 'Asian Economic Miracle' from 1960 to 1990. Without this phenomenon, climbing the socioe-conomic ladder of a country known for its economic disparities would not be possible. 'Money is the anthem, God, you're so handsome.'