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Experimental Animation

Wen Pey

Pey is an animator from Malaysia. She graduated from the Department of Animation at Shih Chien University in Taiwan. After working in Taipei for several years, she began her studies at the Royal College of Art in the autumn of 2020.

Her works are mainly in 2D digital animation and has been involved in various projects including Golden Horse Awards, Golden Melody Awards, Golden Bell Awards, commercial works, music videos etc. Her work has been awarded with the Golden Design Award and Red Dot Award.

Wen Pey-statement

Pey developed her artistic practice at RCA, with an interest in architecture, history and humanities.

Her father is an architectural engineer, she grew up surrounded by floor plans and was influenced by architecture, structure and geometry. Her first year project at the Royal College of Art was an animation about the history of Taipei. When she moved to London in second year, she decided to work on a project related to the history of London. She launched the PPPlanet project in 2020 with the aim of producing an animation for every city she has lived in.

Pey's previous work experience has shaped her visual approach today, her experience of working with directors, designers and artists has made her realise that visuals are not limited to any techniques as long as they bring the story to life, any medium is possible. In her second year project she has learnt to use programming to work on her animation.

LDN 51.5072N 0.1276W explores the impact of the Industrial Revolution through the traces of old London buildings, reflecting on how technology has changed the traditional understanding of work, community and identity.

Since the first generation of industrialisation in Britain in the 18th century, we are now entering the fourth generation of industrialisation. From controlling machines to interacting with them, technology has encompassed the physical, biological, and digital domains. Technology has changed our socio-economic structures, our communities and our identities. We are constantly questioning who we are and how we see the world. When we reflect more about technological developments, the better we can understand ourselves and the social patterns that technology embodies and enables, we have the possibility to make our lives better.


2D digital animation, procreate, programming

Director: Wen Pey

Music & Sound Designer: Shang Yun Wu

Special Thanks: Edwin Rostron, Chu-Chieh Lee, Qian Chen, Yinuo Shao, Yoon-Kyeong Yang, Royal College of Art Tutors, Family and Friends

Film Stills, media item 1
Film Stills, media item 2
Drawings, media item 1
Drawings, media item 2
Drawings, media item 3
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PPPlanet, media item 1
PPPlanet, media item 2

PPPlanet is a project to discover the history and cultural background of a city by observing its architecture and landscape.

PPPlanet Instagram

TPE 25.0330N 121.5654E, media item 1
TPE 25.0330N 121.5654E, media item 2
TPE 25.0330N 121.5654E, media item 3

TPE 25.0330N 121.5654E is a film about the influence of Japanese culture on Taipei after the Japanese colonization.