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Moving Image Design

Yuhong Zhu

Yuhong Zhu is an interdisciplinary designer/artist working around the theme of human-nature relationship grounded on non-anthropocentric perspective. By incorporating physical making, video, interactive technologies, 3D scanning and modelling, Zhu create pieces that allow the audience to explore new ways of inhabit in the ever-changing world through multi-sensory experience.

Yuhong Zhu gains her BA Textile design degree from Central Saint Martins University of the Arts London, and she then moving to Information Experience Design at Royal College of Art.

“Earth signals the capacity of life for self-organization, life’s ceaselessly unfolding flux of changing forms, forces, behaviors, and relations, and the fact that entities, processes, and forms are always in the process of dependent co-arising. I take this notion of Earth as the horizon for a renewed living praxis, and as the basis for the essential act of human dwelling.”

Survivance observes the city from the non-anthropocentric perspective — a multiplicity of others, focusing on the idea that we are always in a dynamic equilibrium and interdependence of everything that exists. Through a series of observation and research based on everyday urban scenarios, this project re-examines the relationship between the natural forms and the man-made.

From the walk along the newly built street to the verges of the railways, to capture the relationship between nature and its surroundings, a series of 3D scan has been conducted. Furthermore, the subtle and often neglected interactions between the plants, the train and wind are recorded by anemometer then transformed into datas and videos.

  • Arturo Escobar, “Habitability and Design: Radical Interdependence and the Remaking of Cities.” Geoforum, no. 101 (2019): 132-140, 2019, p. 132.
A series of 3D scans has been conducted through research, in order to observe and better understand the relationship between plants and its surroundings.

"(Sur)vivance: Sur - a survival outside survival. Vivance - the vitality of it."

–– Diane Glancy

Looking into the interstices in the city where vegetations grow uncontrolled : the plants growing out of the crack on the concrete ground, the trees stretching out from the brick walls, the plants growing along the railway embankment vigorously.

Plants at the verge of railway waggles, aligning with the direction of the wind when the train passes. To capture this intangible changes, anemometer sensor is used for recording wind speed.
Based on the technique of IoT, the Anemometer is connected with WIFI microchip, allowing it record and upload the ever changing speed of wind at the station to cloud platform in real-time. The datas were then used to compose the videos.