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Experimental Communication

Yunling Wu

Yunling Wu is an artist and visual experimenter often working with experimental videos and data-based digital animations who enjoys wandering through the world of digital landscapes, finding logic in the natural world, and searching for natural aesthetics in logic.

Previous Education: 

BA Software Engineering, Digital Media Technology, 2015-2019, Xiamen University, China

Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, Ground floor

Alien icon made by wuuuu

My passion always revolves around nature and technology, language and thinking, humans and non-humans. These grand definitions seem to have neat boundaries, but the subtle connections between them gradually form my universe. 

My practice utilises systematic models, using a variety of digital tools and media, such as video analysis, animated simulations, programming, building data sets, and other future developments, to find invisible dimensions of information that are hidden in the surrounding environments.

Beginning from the Linguistic Relativism hypothesis, which suggests that our present language shapes our worldview and cognition, I keep weaving the thread of connections between language and imagination.

In my explorations, the definition of language is expanded and reconstructed. New ways of thinking are emerging, as new structures are uncovered and constructed. How to break down existing limitations and our narrowing of attention, how to challenge the boundaries of our perception of the world, and how to see beyond the horizon. This is what I am looking forward to.

Beyond Languagesilent, installation video, multi-screens, loop play, 8'34''.
give some distance
#1 Still Image from BL -- weaving
#4 Still Image from BL -- birds route
#3 Still Image from BL -- plants dancing
Still Images from Beyond Language
#2 Still Image from BL -- translation
give some distance2
The Statement of Beyond Language 1/2 -- booklet made for BL RCA 2022 Show
The Statement of Beyond Language 1/2a detailed description of the Beyond Language's definition, a double-sided brochure, 400mm x 180mm, main content 840 words.
The Statement of Beyond Language 2/2 -- booklet made for BL RCA 2022 Show
The Statement of Beyond Language 2/2feel free to read the content.


With the perspective of imaginary science, Beyond Language shows the construction of a nascent language system that spans living to non-living entities. Through the analysis of object tracking data, from observing birds in flight to plants dancing, from the interstellar to the microscopic, the project uses algorithms as tools to find instances of communication with a unifying quality in which all things coexist. Everything, from the inner universe to the outer universe, everything is moving in slow motion. And these threads of movement, which wrap us - human and more-than-human — tightly together.

How can we access the language that are beyond-the-human? Beyond language gives its own definition. Language and thinking are closely linked, and it is beyond language that we can think beyond the human.


Experimental Video


screenshot of Plant Whisper Website homepage
Launch Project
Plant Whisper Website
Plant Whisper Concept Trailer1'16''
7 Ways of Understanding Plant Whisper (silent)is based on a workshop about remote dialogue between plants, in which we recorded seven sets of video data of plants simultaneously in Guangdong, China, and London, seeing this as a long-distance exchange of information between plants through the wind. Then I chose seven different ways to 'interpret' the captured 'conversations' from a human standpoint, critically considering the position of humans in trying to comprehend plants and how to establish a caring and equal perspective on the dialogue, 1'23''.
PW x Taoxichuan Glass Studio 2022 Short documentary
Launch Project
PW x Taoxichuan Glass Studio 2022 Short documentary


Plant Whisper is a collaborative research project with plant artist Wanlin Jiang, focusing on the visualisation of plants dancing in the wind. (2021–Present)

We have adopted the following working principle: 

Collection of images and information - Analysis of movement points - Output of dynamic records - Collation of static visualisations - Archiving - Experimentation with derivative art forms. (Based in Guangdong | China and London | UK) 

Curiosity, observation, documentation, and archiving of the natural aesthetics embedded in the plants themselves was our starting point, but in one interaction after another, our consideration of the relative relationship between humans and plants continued to evolve. What do these beautiful poetic and mysterious symbols mean? Are we using human concepts to decode the language of plants in a way that we think is correct? There are still no answers yet. Rather than being the answerer, we offer the perspective of the questioner in the hope of evoking a little thought in the viewer.




New Wave Typeface Demonstration


Inspired by the uncontrollable lack of information and the gaps in time that exist in the wireless mode of information transmission in network technology.


Experimental Typefaces


Model of Practice: Iteration


Model of Practice: Iteration is a summary and documentation of my own practice patterns before I started Beyond Language. It references most of my work during my studies at the RCA and presents a third perspective on how the work has evolved from one iteration to the next.

Voice-over describes my experience of the similarities and differences between the concepts of practice, experiment and iteration. What is the one thing that remains the same over countless iterations? And what is changing?

Now, a new iteration has begun.