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Critical Practice

Ziqi Wang • 王子琦


In this space-time, EXISTENCE CORPORATION allows dying people to enter the digital memory world to neaten and grade memory. That is an exhausting procedure to balance the length of service time and quantity of memory collection. The VIP rank displays users' value; the value is a mystery; it's provocative. No one knows how capital deals with memory. Preached eternal memory storage service is not unconditioned secure. 

Information left for the future and imagination of the past; external memory records and human memory recall descriptions always have divergence. Artificial time concepts and "time preserving" technologies increasingly complicate memory attributes. Humans have always longed for eternity and, meanwhile, feared it. What are people chasing? Fearing or desire to forget?

"Currently, this game is an offline version (a test used windows system with RTX graphic card). However, Ziqi highly recommends players play it at offline RCA DEGREE SHOW because the interaction between players is significant. "

Game Download Link:

Fundamental elements from Unreal Engine Store:

Character :

  • Fly Animation: Hammerhead
  • Poster Sitting Animation: Infectedfury
  • Skill Animation: wemakethegame
  • Skeleton: PO-Art
  • VFX Material: Coreb Games


  • Spawn Code: Ivan Donchevskii
  • VFX Material: Coreb Games

Crosshair: Skyboy Games

Progress Circle: AllanSayani


Video Game

During the COVID-19, subconsciousness changed unknowingly; wearing a mask is as usual as wearing clothes. Past every day has become extravagant hopes under restriction. After scrolling the phone aimlessly repeatedly at night to relieve the anxiety of lockdown, Ziqi gradually connects his memory with his art, audience, and himself. 

'BEFORE THE FUTURE' is a complete artwork and an idea generation process from Ziqi. The functionings of remembering, association, and construction are interconnected and experientially, which is difficult to disentangle. As an artist, when Ziqi's memories are activated by the surrounding stimulation, as are his culturally specific associations. The viewer, too. 




4K | 06"48

Ziqi Wang is a photographer and digital artist from China, mainly focusing on photography, video, digital image, computer game, etc. Before entering the Royal College of Art, he studied photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. The multiple cultural experiences impact Ziqi to work with diverse perspectives and mediums.

The modern and traditional photography practices further prompt Ziqi to take an interest in technologies of different ages, including but not limited to film, digital photos, vinyl records, digital music, etc. That causes the interplays of humans and technology gradually become the central theme of Ziqi's artwork; he accustoms comparing and combining different techniques in the creation to support his concept.

Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, Second floor

Ziqi Wang • 王子琦-statement

The pandemic and related experiences induced Ziqi's research on memory during his time at the Royal College of Art. In especial, the relationship between memory and the creative artistic process; the interactions of digital external memory and human behaviors. A mass of warm personal narrative memory supports Ziqi during the pandemic while reminding him to re-examine the external memory archiving behavior rationally. Ziqi's recent artworks aim to re-recognize the contemporary remembering process and memory from alternative perspectives with diverse methods.