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Ceramics & Glass (MA)

Zoe Weisselberg

Zoe Weisselberg is a London based ceramic Artist. 

Born in London she studied at Goldsmiths University and later gained a BA in Fine Art Sculpture from Wimbledon School of Art.

She has just graduated with a MA in Ceramics and Glass from the Royal College of Art.

Previously she was an assistant to Jake and Dinos Chapman and Gerry Judah, and worked as an Antique ceramic restorer and photographer.

Zoe developed her own practise after having a family and attending ceramic courses at the Morley College.

Whilst at the RCA she was awarded the Charlotte Fraser prize and the RJ Washington award.

She will continue to work from her studio at home in London.

Zoe is open to commissions and keen to develop relationships with galleries in the UK and abroad. 

Show Location: Battersea campus: Dyson & Woo Buildings, First floor

I’m intrigued by the visceral workings and turbulence of the mind and body. I’ve been exploring these shifting sands and the space between order and chaos, structure and disintegration. How do we remain balanced when our internal worlds or our environments are unstable? How do we manage our energies and that of others?

Recurring themes in my work involve the seen/unseen, exterior/interior, a celebration of our flaws and our lived experience over time, embodying these ideas in the form of the vessel.

I’m seeking to take risks, exploring the clay, it’s capacities and limits and, in turn, my own. It’s a balancing act between containment and collapse. Involving a sense of improvisation and jeopardy. Being open to the failure and disruption inherent in that, gives me a more complete understanding. It also allows for the possibility of repair. Restoring the piece to a state of equilibrium. Sculpting on the wheel this way, provides me with different gears from meditative to white knuckle as a way of regulating myself. It’s a cathartic process.

Ultimately, it’s about transforming limitations into possibilities - conceptually, materially, physically, practically, and emotionally.

My pieces are metaphors of our complexity, both mentally and physically, reflecting moments of instability, but also the beauty in our fallibilities. My intention is to convey wonder, suggestive of at once a contemplative stillness and a vibrant anarchy.

Imaginarium 827cmH
Imaginarium 125cmH
Imaginarium 221cmH


Paper porcelain, glaze
Miniatures 8-15cmH variable


Paper porcelain, glaze
Collapse 120cm


Paper porcelain, glaze


Paper porcelain, glaze