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Discover Students, Collections and Events through four overarching Themes.

A photograph of brightly coloured, tightly packed shapes, made from what looks like plastic, and which resemble flowers or marine flora.

In order for life to thrive it must exist in perfectly balanced conditions. That our planet hosts the correct combination of light, carbon, water and atmosphere is nothing short of a miracle. In the billions of years since its inception, life on earth has maintained a symbiotic relationship with its habitat but the effects of the Anthropocene’s climate crisis threaten this stability. Could we have finally run out of luck?

A photograph of an upturned hand, covered by a square of sheer fabric, with a lit match lying on top.

In J.G. Ballard’s Crash1 the body is manifested in two forms; the warm malleable flesh of the human and the cold, hard metal of the vehicle. Over the course of this staggering novel the two become entwined in a transgressive dance, skidding across the typical boundaries of sexual encounters. We are confronted by the potential for a techno-corporeal world which begs the question; can the body be more than we imagine?