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Fashion (MA)



“Clothes are the most intimate objects we own and the most obvious instrument for self-expression. They are a visual language. Though society is taking small steps in the right direction we must be wary the current moment of inclusion doesn’t become a trend. It is the solution. We have an opportunity and responsibility to pave the way for generations to come.” (Sissel Kärneskog 2020)

As the most intimate objects we own, clothing’s relation to us as humans can and must extend beyond social structures of gender, race and politics to our personal nature and biology. To be the most direct and fluid reflection of who we are as humans in 2022. The Human Wear platform enables designers to remove the constraints of existing fashion models and focus instead on our individual human identity as the axiom of our design process. A process that is inclusive of the diverse communities that we are part of and represent, the stories that exist beyond the surface of our makeup, the histories that have shaped us and how we move forward to dismantle current models for the collective through collaboration and storytelling.

Reflecting on how our technocentric society has shifted our perception of what it means to be human; opens the platform to explore the leading edge of material science, digital tools and human computer interaction with a view to rewriting the process of designing clothing from a cellular level.

- Text by Sid Bullmore & Rooya Rasheed

Image Credit: Sid Bullmore