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School of Design

Innovation Design Engineering (MA/MSc)


Head of Programme, IDE – Gareth Loudon

It is tremendously exciting to be back with a physical and digital showcase following two years of restrictions.  The Innovation Design Engineering (IDE) programme is proud to present the work of the graduating cohort of 2022. The IDE programme is a unique double Masters programme (MA and MSc) run jointly by the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. The programme takes a transdisciplinary approach to innovation combining the skills and cultures of the two internationally renowned institutions: the inspirational and creative aspects of design combined with the rigour and precision of science, technology and engineering.

The work in the show focuses on individual student projects carried out over the last six months and highlights their passion for creating positive change, their abilities in identifying challenges and opportunities, their creativity in developing new ideas, and their skills in designing, developing and validating new solutions.

There is an impressive diversity of projects on show. Themes you will see across the student work address challenges and opportunities in response to the climate crisis; healthcare design; inclusive design; haptic & tangible digital interfaces; augmented learning and immersive environments. The physical exhibition is also an opportunity to chat with the graduating students, ask questions, experience their interactive prototypes and to gain a visceral sense of the potential of the projects and individuals.