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School of Design


Dean, School of Design – Professor Paul Anderson

The RCA 2022 Show in so many ways represents times of great change and transition as human beings globally continue to adapt, change, learn, innovate and fundamentally re-evaluate their values.

The final Show is an important snapshot of a journey in a highly personal and creative process for all our students. As they step back into a physical world that has perhaps changed far more than we know. Do we resist or evolve? Recognising that our behaviour and needs have shifted. We now look at the world differently. What do we believe or trust in?

This is an opportunity for celebrating many achievements and new thinking across all our disciplines engaging with industry, government, emerging technologies, prospective employers, partners and networks.

Our RCA students are forming the next generation of coherent planet thinkers. They are world class creative designers developing regenerative solutions, intelligent systems, new materials, social change and human centred thinking. This is needed more than ever.

RCA2022 is an amazing reflection of their creativity, their resilience, their innovation and importantly demonstrates that they continue to respond and adapt to an ever-changing world. I urge everyone to investigate, discover, learn, engage and you will understand that our students are breaking patterns, connecting experiences, dealing with change and fundamentally thinking in very different ways. Our students are dealing with the real and also the unreal in a sensitive and coherent manner.