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School of Design

Service Design (MA)


Head of Programme, Service Design – Clive Grinyer

As Service Design celebrates its 10th birthday at the RCA, the Class of 2022 have created this year’s show theme of RESET:

Never has there been a better time to reset and reframe the problems we want to solve and the new ideas we need. The 44 projects of the show cover an amazing range of topics and new ideas devided into 7 main themes:

Reset Commerce: new ideas and business models for sustainable consulting, banking and incentivising businesses take action on their journey to carbon zero.

Reset Community explores improved communities across youth with seniors, a hub to encourage charities to work together for great impact and regeneration of our high streets and other ideas to support healthy and thriving social interactions.

Reset for the Planet is the summation of a series of exciting projects inspired by COP 26 with students developing service design tools to keep our planet liveable. Other projects look at the challenges of designing circular services, from automotive design to football boots.

Reset Learning and Reset Workplace look at the processes of work and new skills we need for the 21st Century. Reset Spaces brings innovative new cycling services alongside taking art out of the gallery and into our social spaces.

Reset Wellbeing looks at how others can react and prevent those suffering asthma attacks to new visual language for explaining pain in the age of digital healthcare.

These are exciting projects that combine vision with pragmatism. The Class of 2022 are ready to go and reset the world around us.

AdidasAge-inclusive communityArchitectureArtificial IntelligenceAutismAutomationBehaviourBehaviour ChangeBehavioural ChangeBelongingbusinessBusiness ModelCancerCareCelebrationChat botChildrenCircular DesignCircular EconomyCircularityClimate crisisCo-CreationCo-DesignCollaborationCollaborativecommerceCommunicationcommunication gapCommunityCommunity ServiceconfidenceconstructionConsumerismConsumptionConverationConversation FrameworkCORRUPTIONCreativityCrimeCriminal JusticeCultural IdentityCultureCustomer ExperienceCyclingdecarbonisationDecision MakingdementiaDesign InterventionDesign productDesign ResearchDialogueDigitalDigital MaterialEating DisordersEcosystem InterventionsEducationEducationalElectric VehicleElectric vehiclesEmotion Emotional designEmotionsEmpathyEnergyequityEthics (human)EthnographyExperienceExperience DesignExperimentalExpressionFamilyFashionFinancial ServiceFinancial SustainabilityFuture educationFuture ProofGamificationHandcraftHealthHealth AgeingHealth ServicesHealthcareHeat LossHomeless problemHomelessnessHomenessHuman-centeredHumanitarian AidHumansIconographyIdentityInclusiveInclusive designInnovation DesignIntegratedInteractionInteractiveInterdisciplinaryInterior DesignInvestmentsIsolationJourneylearningLocalLonelinessLongevityMaterialMaterial ResearchMeaningful relationshipMedical innovationMental HealthMetahumanMobilityNatureNature Based SolutionsNeurodiversityNHSNon-humanOrganisational ChangephilosophyPlace-explorationPlayfulPolicyProbation ServicePsychologyPublic SectorPublic service designPublic SpaceRecruitmentRecycleReformRelationshipRemote workresearchResilienceRetrofittingSavings ManagementSelf ExpressionService DesignSignagesmall businessSoccerSocialSocial designSocial ImpactSocial PrescribingsoftwareSpacespacesSpeculative FuturesSportsStorytellingSubscription planSupply ChainSustainabilitySustainability targetsSustainLab22system designSystemsTeam bondTechnologyTerra Carta Design LabThe Digital SystemThe Future of WorkToolsTransformationTransparencyValueValue drivenVirtual RealityVolunteeringWellbeingWorkplaceWorkshopShow More