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School of Design

Intelligent Mobility (MA)


Head of Programme, Intelligent Mobility – Dr. Christopher Thorpe

The Intelligent Mobility MA in 2022 continues to challenge the discipline of automotive design across a diverse series of mobility spaces and complex contemporary design questions.

The MA programme has continued to evolve advanced design practice as part of the RCA’s Intelligent Mobility Design Centre (IMDC) - an interdisciplinary centre exploring, experimenting, prototyping and evaluating new mobility and automotive transitions via the synthesis of design and research methods.

This year’s work shows and increasing awareness by our students to the macro-themes of environmental change and technology’s influence on the mobility sector. Our project partners, Bentley, Hyundai Kia with Peter Schreyer and Ford have each encouraged directions that are bold in vision and sensitive in execution – exploring new materiality and form to deliver experiences across formats that exist in 2, 3 and 4d.

The research frameworks of the programme continue to ensure design development evolves by challenging assumptions about how we can and should experience future mobility via three distinct yet complementary Studios - enabling a multifaceted perspective on mobility design.

People and Places explores the relationships between society, place-making.

Humanising Technology considers the impact of emerging technologies and how these can be made accessible, usable, and enjoyable by understanding people and leveraging creative methods.

Lastly Automotive Transitions is focussed on vehicle design and explores the paradigm shifts of the car industry.

This year’s work is innovative, provocative, and confident - highlighting the diverse opportunities for future mobility experience and spaces where designers can create value.

Project Aeon
Hyundai Kia & Peter Schreyer
Hyundai Kia Lab in IMDC
Ford Social Innovation Fund