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Fashion (MA)



Future Knitwear, World Reset.

This generation of creatives and designers are pushing the boundaries of what is usually expected of them in this industry. We are currently in a time and space where we are forced to pause and listen to silence.

Essence overpowering mass production and storytelling, community and traceability becoming important factors in the true value behind an object, we as creatives are now the future.

Knitwear is Volume, Knitwear is Noise, Knitwear is Tridimensional. We are the 4th Industrial Revolution. While physicality keeps moving into a digital realm, we want to highlight the importance of tactility, body, and environments by bringing back the digital into physical reality through experiences and interactions.

The following three international, emerging designers are taking traditional craftsmanship techniques and combining them with innovation in product development, smart materials, technical yarns, 3D simulations and soft robotics.

Either by exploring colour through the transformation of 2D paintings into 3D media, imitating the blooming process that fireworks undergo when exploding, or understanding the relationship between elasticity and body through different forms of dress vs the application of strength, or even triggering conversations and thoughts about the relationship between our bodies, memories and the sense of touch; we take knitwear a step further by using this platform to make statements, plant questions and propose the unexpected, we are exploring what fashion could become.

- Text by Maria Nava

Image Credit: Weilin Song (2022)