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Fashion (MA)



After an extended period of silence and reflection, we have humbly returned to our physical communities as creative leaders. Long periods of silent isolation and provocative projects like, “accident training”, have made us viscerally aware of who we are and what we want to say:

Together, we look towards the future by embracing radical and authentic inclusivity across all identities, throughout the physical and digital. We are pioneers of the metaverse; exploring new environments, emotions and identities in the digital and physical realms. The careful consideration of tangible bodies and designing for their unique needs is still integral. Carving out a more inclusive space for future generations is of prime importance.

We are also demanding to be unearthed from history, by revitalising and reinventing traditional practices which were previously disregarded. Spinning wool yarns has become an act of feminist rebellion, and the subtle art of embroidery has become a quiet source of strength. We are forging metal armour out of the scraps that have been left behind, and we are ready to fight for our voices to be heard. Our strength as a community cannot be ignored.

Planet centered design is not a luxury, it is an urgent issue that is considered in every aspect of our practices. Redefining supply chains and rethinking our economic business models reflects our commitment to reduce overconsumption. Every breath of creativity is full of intention and emotion; everything we have created has a place and purpose in this world.

- Text by Samantha Bratzke

Image Credit: Samantha Bratzke