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Ai Wei Chloe Looi

Ai Wei Chloe Looi (b. 1998) is a Malaysian-born visual communicator, artist, and writer who combines various art languages within her works. She integrates current events and experimental methods, such as drawing and narrative within her works. Looi enjoys infusing her personal experiences, pop culture and natural organics in practical and written contexts. She studies Visual Communication (Illustration) at the Royal College of Art.

Looi is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and London, United Kingdom. 

Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, First floor

What is interoception?

For such a complex subject, the physiological term splits into various meanings of the internal self, emotional awareness, spatial awareness and body awareness. They help us to identify, respond and engage with our inner selves. These concepts influence our habitual decisions, thoughts and other conscious/unconscious variables that transpire within our mind and body. 

My practice focuses on four keywords: emotional, spatial, physical and narrative. Each word explores an area of the process, material and form of distribution (such as public activities or gathering primary investigations through personal journal-making). However, the last term is a denouement where it encapsulates all gathered research into an outcome. 

By developing these topics (through different methods), the relationship between myself, others and the world has grown significantly. These works gave birth to my current understanding and implementation of an intricate matter within the makings of my practice, both conceptually and physically. 

1 March 2022Our hearts enclosed, four by four, they fold in halves, for the lesser of 'whole'. Driven to our edges, colourless and distant, time halts.
2 March 2022Undyed with blue, grid to fragments, I take a breath, to thank the ethers. 'Thank you my blue,' I say before it replies - I walk away.
7 March 2022 If things could be different, the time goes by, sweeping across numbers, flowing and trickling, like honey, down the metal hand that points in a direction that no one knows.
15 March 2022...lying on a time...
16 March 2022Unrecognisable text...

The first mode of research is emotional awareness. For thirty-one days, I recorded my thoughts in a journal using poetry, writing, illustration and photography to express my abstracted mind on paper. The juxtaposing effects of control and variegated marks produced an irregular rhythm for each day.


soft pastel, oil pastel and graphite on paper
Practical Bodies Workshop Practical Bodies is a physical workshop of identifying our spaces, movements and internal decision-making when given instructions. It reviews our interactivity between people and how they may respond instinctively or logically within a designated area.
Poster for Workshop I developed a workshop for a total of five to seven participants. With a small number of people, I could focus on the intimate effects of space and control.
Sketches of activity Movements that can be utilised within the workshop.
Practice Rounds Before I initiated the workshop, I held practice rounds without the grid space and allowed the participants to get a ‘feel’ of each command and manoeuvre within the space. Without the grid, they moved without restrictions and freely performed every instruction without a strict sense.

The second mode of research explores the physical awareness of individuals responding to instructions, environment and other parties in the same area. It was a one-day workshop of five to seven participants that reproduced commands found on a screen. This investigation is to learn about their internal thought-process as they navigate a limited space.




3 minutes

The third mode of research is spatial awareness. This area of outcome is an extended section of physical perception and visualises the sensibilities of space. I used a variety of materials to construct a room of sorts. Some of the journal entries (from the first mode, emotional awareness) inspired the imageries of these created realms. 


Photography, mixed media
Book Cover
Acetate dividers (for chapters)They represent the levels of the realm and how Under each character is in The Rim-Edged World. It also displays the darkness that settles in each space and how much light is exposed to the characters.
Content Pages (1)
Content Pages (2)
Sample copy Preorders on website. (Official preview of the book is coming soon. Please find updates on the site.)
A collection of short stories where a flurry of fragmented emotions takes shape in a place called the House. These beings wander the frameworks of their world, tied to an infinite realm of space and time. On their journeys, they confront creatures of many kinds tailored to their natures as they search for their other half as a means to become whole again. 

The fourth and final mode of outcome is narrative, which is an amalgamation of all gathered research in this journey of interoceptive studies. This area is an assemblage of my internal self, spatial creation and physical acumen toward the things around me. The book 'Hidden Corners of The Rim-Edged World' is the development of narratives loosely based on my feelings running amok in a world so deep (in our unconscious state) where humans can never reach. It is a place where these feelings are born to live as their selves, and this narrative is their own story to tell.


publication, 242 pages


11 x 18 cm