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Annie Yunhan Wang

Annie, Yunhan Wang

An industrial designer and curator from Chengdu, China. She has an incredible passion for intimacies, virtuality, feminism, anthropology, and aesthetics.

Previous Degrees

Bachelor of Engineering & Outstanding Graduate Award, Industrial Design, SCAU, 2020


Product designer, Minimax Design Studio, Guangzhou, 2016-2018

Illustrator, Midea Group (Little Swan), Guangzhou, 2018

Visual designer, E-commerce Group, Shenzhen, 2021

Curator and illustrator, "我向许多人打听过你" Sexuality Education Interaction Exhibition, Shenzhen, 2021

Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, Third floor

The most fascinating part of being a designer is exploring what possibilities emerging technologies may bring us humankind.

In my work, I aspire to create not only interesting physical objects but also strong resonances and deep thinking for my audience.

Lynn Born in 2028 - an interactive graphic book.

Lynn Born in 2028 is an interactive graphic book that contains a manifesto and speculations of a future workplace AI value system. This piece satirizes, reveals, and advocates.

Like entering an archive loaded with two parallel dimensions, you will see two storylines of the protagonist, Lynn. In this new system, people's lives reflect current workplace culture dilemmas, especially gender inequality. Throughout the book, AI leadership is a medium to build a plausible future and also a trigger to create totally different lives. Will AI's leadership become a leverage point to eventually achieve gender equality in the workplace? Or, ironically, the fact that we are expecting AI to shift this situation means numbness and neglect behind this societal inequality?

Online book URL: reading via computers/pads recommended.


Paper, Tyvek and Polyester.



This piece of work speculates about applying AI leadership to the workplace. Cheat is a wearable injection device illegally designed to help people pass AI job interviews by controlling their hormone levels. This desperate approach was born in a dilemma of economic monopoly and severe unemployment. By portraying a dramatic conflict between AI and humans in this scenario, it brings more profound thoughts about AI values. 

What makes people so frightened of AI, this technology itself, or a biased value system behind it?


PLA, PVC tubes, silicon, metal press buttons, mirror cardboard, cotton thread and color ink