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Critical Practice

Flo Ray

Flo Ray (b. London, 1987) works across text, sculpture, installation, drawing, film and audio. Her work is broadly concerned with expressions of multiplicity; complex fragmentations of self, and modes of collectivity. Exploring these through various configurations and stories, she confronts persistent notions of a singular, cohering self, and seeks to challenge the sovereign individualism that upholds dominant cultural narratives and their power structures. 

The Movement (2022)

Various textiles, chain, thread, zips, poppers, cable ties, rope, string, buckles, tape, bubble wrap, velcro, carabiners, webbing, staples, pins, paperclips, permanent marker, tailor's chalk, pattern cutting paper, keyring, key, clothing labels, shop tag, clothes hanger, meat hook, RCA Staff ID.

Weights and dimensions variable

Photos by Lucio Martus