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Critical Practice

Friederike Steinert

Coming from a journalistic background, I started studying art in 2017 – first at Camberwell College of Art and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. I joined the MA Contemporary Art Practice at the RCA in 2020.

Prior to studying in London, I was part of a feminist writing and performance group called 'Salon Tbilisi Berlin' and of 'Mala Serena', a queer feminist choir project by Constanze Ruhm. During my time at the RCA, I got published in Arc Magazine, an annual publication by the MA Writing course.

My work is the result of a very slow and very modern nervous breakdown. I am interested in understanding how we create our identities and wonder which part social media and algorithms play in the construction of said identities. I am interested in failures and moments of awkwardness.

I use video, text, photography, and performance as tools. And I sing a lot.

The End of the World

Pole dance performance, I learned within 10 days, merged with a cover version of Black Box Recorder's 'The End of a World'. As I knew the lyrics only perfunctory I relied on a friend to feed me the lines via Airpod.


Shopping Mall (We will always have each other)

A re-enactment of Gillian Wearing's performance 'Dancing in Peckham'. I added a seven-minute recording of me trying to read a text of mine as naturally as possible. What is normally hidden, the rehearsal stage is part of the audio – you hear Rebecca giving me pointers on how I could improve the reading and me trying to implement them.


Video and Text
WIP – Wish I was here ([Data] Pilgrimage)

A journey from London to Luleå, where Facebook's first-ever European server is situated, and a musing about what memories are and mean to me. It is also an open question about how to deal with a life turned into data that does not belong to the person, who is living the life, any longer. This video is a work in progress.