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Design Through Making

Haijing Li

Haijing Li is a Chinese industrial designer, currently based in London.

She hopes to giving users more emotional value rather than functional value through simple everyday objects. How to make the product playful and meaningful? For Haijing Li, it related to how the structure of a product and how it interacts affects people's behavior, habits and thinking. Her works always are interactive installation, product and furniture design.

Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, Third floor

This Project is about composite material exploring of flax and PLA. And its property is given to a form of furniture.

PLA is supported by Linen and has a shape, and linen is made strong and tough by soaked PLA. It will have a soft shape while having hardness, which can't be replaced by conventional metal/wood/plastic (wood-metal shape is rigid, Plastics require expensive molds and production lines if the processing of flexible shapes is complex).

Standing Linen - the side table

It looks like a piece of cloth on a shelf frozen in a moment, but it's actually a small table. Inspired by the hanging tablecloth, but the desktop is only linen and there is no joint, it is completed by the assembled by linen and wood. It has the soft, flowing lines of the fabric, but at the same time firm and stable, creating a contrast.

In addition, a new way of leggings was tried in order to be more in line with this natural sagging style. It can be made strong enough to be the same as metal benders.


PLA soaked linen; Oak wood


40x40x45 cm
Material ExperimentSee how they perform with PLA
Structure ExperimentBuild sheets into Structures