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Soft Systems

Jiaxin Li

Jiaxin Li is a designer committed to exploring the application of sustainable materials in human life for the future. 


She innovates on the potential between material biology and functionality. Particularly working in the background of sustainable design and interactive programming, she has been exploring her creative identity through novel materials, cosmology and biology. 


It is during her study at the Royal College of Art that Li aspired to expand her practice with new technology. Focusing on the physical and emotional well-being of human beings and intended to satisfy their spiritual pursuit of beauty. 

Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, Third floor

Human exploration of the universe and its reactions to the environment constitute my main source of inspiration and study. I have always aspired to explore transplanetary habitats and ultimately share glimpses of pre-existing knowledge. Addressing a space-based challenge could also lead to novel biomaterials that will ultimately benefit the earth's environment.

My practice is constantly driven by ideas intended to create an ecological closed-loop for the future. Therefore I pose the question: How should we protect astronauts' physical and emotional health in the face of future interstellar flights? How to make sustainable biomaterials more suitable for space exploration?

Each generated concept is designed to ensure the resources brought into astronautics are fully utilized. Pushing the boundaries of biomaterials in collaboration with the Imperial College London Biological Laboratory. My work inspires the viewer to reflect on how to create a sustainable design on-Earth in the present and more beneficially for future generations.

Exploration through Universe

NASA plans to send humans to Mars within the next 20 years. The red planet is over 55 million kilometres away and it will take at least six months to get there. This project is intended to make future space travel safer. The use of skin care products will protect the health of astronauts in the hostile environment of interstellar space.

How to preserve and transport Biomaterial to outer space?
Biosphere for MoisturizingUse biosphere as a base to add different skincare ingredients, which could contain lots of nutrition for the skin.
Skincare Tool for Gentle Exfoliating and Radiation protectionBy combining different fabric textures and specific skin problems that happened in space flight.