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Experimental Animation

Lingyun Li

Lingyun li was born in Qingdao, China and is an illustrator and animator. She completed her undergraduate studies at the LuXun Academy of Fine Arts in China in 2016, where she received her BA. She then continued her postgraduate studies at the Royal College of Art.

Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, Ground floor

Lingyun has tried to learn 3D software, but has discovered that she prefers 2D hand-drawing, so most of her works are 2D hand-drawn works. As a 2D animator, Lingyun feels that animation should be fun and light-hearted, so she likes to express the themes reflected in her animation in interesting comedy. During her studies at the Royal College of Art, she continues to experiment with different materials and explore different drawing styles, and found a style she liked.

Lingyun likes to observe life and record the little things in life, which are the source of inspiration for her work.

Character design
background design


digital drawing


digital drawing
You Wish!

You Wish! is a narrative comedy animation that is about the concept of money and greed.

It is mainly about the main character who invades an island of birds, which draws revenge from them, and thus goes in search of a non-existent treasure, and is eventually punished. 

The film is trying to say: Is money a problem?  Money is not, greed is the problem. In a way, money is often used as an excuse for people to be greedy. In fact, we should not blame money and should look inward.


digital drawing