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Experimental Animation

Na Li

Li Na (b.1993) Experimental Animator and Artist, currently based in London.

Born in Hunan (China), worked in Beijing: As a Video Animation Producer, in Meng Jinghui's Theatre Studio; she worked at π Animation Studio and participated in the production of several animation film projects.

Na Li earned a Master of Animation degree at the Royal College of Art. Na's first-year animation Eczema, and graduation film The Moon Rises During the Day: Sound Sculpture, both received an Excellent. In Na's graduation dissertation, Dictionary of Image and Sound, she received a distinction.

Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, Ground floor

Na's creations are an original response to sound/music. Na drew symbols to represent the sounds and instruments she heard and archived the sound visual languages, using abstract drawings to translate a poem. The motivation for Na's creations comes from boredom. Na Li as an artist aim to experience the nature of things, so as to be the closest to the things. She says that the most fundamental creation should belong to the creator's primaeval reaction to things. 

Na describes her work as a sound sculpture, and it is different to entity sound sculpture, like instruments. She questions the boundaries of sculpture: Can sculpture exist in the imagination? Is our memory/feelings can be a sculpture? Given today's inevitable trends in virtual reality, how will sculpture be defined in the future?

Na made live performances with experimental sound artists, experiencing the connection of human beings at the spiritual level in improvisation, believing in the natural reaction process currently produced by the feelings of the body to the environment, rather than thinking about the performance's results.

Her experimental animations are toward Festivals; The exploring process and performance content are geared toward art galleries. In the future, Na will explore the direction of Art therapy and focus on animation art and improvisational performance.

A Clip
A ClipNa uses dimensional planes (created in After Effects) to engage the audience. Her methods contain imagination and reality from 2D abstract to 3D Rotoscoping. Na likes to create traces between materials, like an emotional rendering. The raised texture on the back highlights the state of the painting at that time to trigger the tactile impression. The watercolour pencil effect shows the fluidity of the presence of water matches the lingering sound of the music, and the watermarks have a sense of timbre.
The Moon Rises During the Day: Sound Sculpture, 2b mechanical pencil, paper
The Moon Rises During the Day: Sound Sculpture
上/Hallucinogen of Imagined Bodhi-IA script of the Film. Music created by an experimental musician, Liang Yiyuan Copy the link listening to the Music:
Drawing music 一(yi), was created by Li Daiguo. Copy the link listening to the Music:
Drawing MusicClick the picture to see the process of drawing.
Drawing MusicDrawing music of J. A. Seazer,a Japanese film and theatre music composer
Drawing Music
Drawing Music
Drawing Music
Drawing Music
OHP Drawing sound观看此视频时请聆听 猪槽对木桩的怜悯-梁奕源/李带果 Listen to the music, 猪槽对木桩的怜悯-- Liang Yiyuan/Li Daiguo while watching this video Performer Na Li

The script comes from Na Li improvising a drawing when listening to a piece of music 上/Hallucinogen of Imagined Bodhi-I. Na made the film based on the painting, and sound/music triggers subconscious emotions and drives the creator to autoresponse drawing. Through this Film, Na aims to examine a process of exploring the connection between sound and image and the visualization of sound by an auto-method drawing. 

Director/Sound effects Na Li;

Musician Liang Yiyuan;

Sound Mix Joe Hirst;

Assistant Huang Linxi;

Kang Lijuan;

Zeng Jiayi;


2b mechanical pencil, paper


Wenyu Du [LCC MA Sound Art]Sound Performance
Na LiExperimental Animation/Live Painting
Beth Robertson [LCC MA Sound Art]Sound Performance
Filming: Songkai Zhou[RCA MA Experimental Animation]; Simon Shuai Lyu[LCC MA Photography]
A Trio for Visual - Guitar, Guitar and Charcoal

Na listens to a piece of music [Hallucinogen of Imagined Bodhi-I.] and automatically paints through the body's response, creates an animation, and then Wenyu Du& Beth Robertson improvise sounds based on the Moving Image Score (projected on the wall), while Na paints the long scroll automatically through the improvisation of the two sound artists, forming an inner resonance, and at the same time, the sound produced during the drawing process with charcoal on the paper is also responding to the two players form a trio.


Two Bass Guitars, Pencils, Chalk, Paper

In the author's film, Eczema, poetry is an integral element of the creative process. The background of the animation is the instructions for the medicines that the author took during her depression period, showing helplessness hidden under her emotions. Reveals a glimpse into the dark thoughts of a tender object (cat) that turns into a painful irritant, eczema. She's comparing mothers and "bad kids" to her problems with cats.


2D hand-drawn