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Mixed Media

Liv Wilkinson

Liv Wilkinson is a mixed media designer inspired by our urban and industrial environment. With an undergraduate degree in Textiles, Liv’s design practice is influenced by architecture, product and automotive design. Liv likes to challenge the potential of materials beyond their perceived use.

Her approach is led by the curiosity to understand material language. Her work challenges the perception of materials through play: a thinking-through-making focused practice to create new narratives for material potential.

Degree Details

School of DesignTextiles (MA)Mixed Media

Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, Third floor

We exist as soft bodies in hard places.

This project explores how material language can be challenged by creating new relationships through form.

There is innovation not only in the material itself but in its combinations. New relationships can extend individual material potential and perception. Understanding the power of combinations can better help us utilise materials to their full potential.

Combinations can provide materials with new opportunities. Through investigation into hard and soft, driven by a playful and hands-on approach, I am proposing new material narratives for interior environments and products through colour, material and form.

Material play of hard and soft.
Material play of hard and soft.
When paired with a material such as metal or leather, the value of the inflatable is elevated.
Colour differences of material absorbency.
Exploring colour and finish through translucent forms. Shape inspired by overlooked automotive forms such as car floor mats and sun visors. These forms portray the image of hardness despite being intended for soft bodies to exist in hard places.

The Leathersellers' Company, Coats Foundation Trust