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Mixed Media

Niamh Mannion

Niamh Mannion is an Irish designer based in London. With a focus on embroidery, she creates fabrics for fashion using deadstock materials. Driven by extensive and dynamic research into her own cultural heritage, her work explores colour and form through a process led approach to textiles. She explores the potential of embroidery with a playful sensibility, creating a fluid conversation between the handcrafted and the digital.

In 2017 Niamh graduated from the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland with a first class honours BA in Textile Art & Artefact. Since then she has worked in Copenhagen and London across the fashion industry while also developing her own writing and studio practices.

Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, Third floor

Niamh Mannion-statement

Arís is a collection of embroidered textiles for fashion which draws from my affinity for my home country, Ireland. These modular pieces are versatile and malleable by design.

Irish literature, material history, nature and folklore underpin the visual language of these fabrics. Informed by neolithic stone carvings and Celtic metalwork, the collection employs a handcrafted approach to designing for the body through digital, machine and hand stitch.

Created through an intuitive handling of deadstock and vintage materials, the collection explores tactile experience and the relationship between the materials, their objects of construction, and the wearer.

These part garments are a series of conversations between function and decoration, tactile and digital.

Arís, media item 1
Arís, media item 2
Arís, media item 3
Arís, media item 4
Arís, media item 5
Arís, media item 6
Arís, media item 7
Arís, media item 8
Arís, media item 9
Arís, media item 10
Arís, media item 11
Arís, media item 12
Arís, media item 13
Arís, media item 14