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Interior Futures

Ran Duan


Ran Duan did her undergraduate study in Harbin Institute of Technology.

And then did her postgraduate study in Royal College of Art.



Shanghai Modern Design Institute for airports design.

HBA / Hirsch Bedner Associates for hotel design.

Saint Laurent, the luxury brand, for store planning.

Xtended_identity, for virtual scene design.

Immerse DAO, for brand visual design.

Show Location: Kensington campus: Darwin Building, Upper ground floor

"Shopping in the sky" is a project about class hierarchies in the society. 

The project is a commentary on the injustice of the financial system, the inequalities in the workplace for manufacturing and elite, consumerism, and the idiocy of extreme wealth and extreme poverty.

The outcome is a building which has hybrid uses.

On the ground is the charitable donation space for the poor, and a sweatshop production factory for the worker, a monitor level for the supervisor, above which an automated ‘shopping in the sky’ experience is created for societal elites.

They both work as a circular system of recycling and support one another. 

20 years from now, only wealthy people own aerial vehicles. Due to the development of technology and the shortage of raw materials, handmade items have become the most luxurious.
Model interior
Research-Why shopping in the sky?

Term 1 Concept

Vertical Journey

The ground floor is a donation place for the poorest people. Above it is a floating workstation. The workers entered through the lifting platform. The shops in the sky are designed for the rich. They are connected by an elevator. Handmade products made by workers are transported to the sky through elevators. Rich people in the sky send their second-hand items to the ground through elevators. The first floor is the monitoring room for the supervisor which is responsible for monitoring the whole system.

Top View, media item 2
The bag enters the intelligent conveying system under the store. Black conveyor belts move left and right. White conveyor belts move back and forth.

Stores of different brands can change the material of the module and program different forms.

Conveyor BeltMaterials and tools are delivered from automated warehouses.
Each workstation is connected to a sky shop by elevator.
Donate: Second-hand itemsSecond-hand items transported from the sky are thrown into baskets on the ground by workers.

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