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Rihanah Hussain

Rihanah Hussain uses illustration as a tool to explore identity, emotions and

belonging through visual narratives. Her individual experiences of being mixed

heritage has played a significant role in her work and takes great influence in what

she creates. Within her new collection her drawings have charm, naivety, and

whimsical characteristics.

Her inquiry has not only been about drawing she also analyses significant complex

emotions about herself which then is projected into what she makes. She

understands the importance of how the two tie together and has a great ability to

create pieces which inspire and provoke a connection within people. There is a

profound deep-rooted sensitivity and emotion within her collection and people are left

intrigued and fascinated by her work.

Rihanah Hussain-statement

Skilled in illustration and silk screen printed textiles. She is conscious of the fundamental significance of choices she makes through selecting materials as of the devastating impact this can have on the environment. She uses recycled materials as it is essential that her practice is sustainable. Her work ethic is to be highly considerate of the planet and implements this into daily practice.

a painting on a wall
a painting of a horse


Acrylic on paper


1.5m x 2m
Belonging - Cut outs, Acrylic on recycled card

Animals cut outs of Pakistan.


Acrylic on recycled card


50cm x 50cm
Asian leopard , Acrylic, recycled card


Acrylic, recycled card


50cm x 60cm
tree, outdoor, leaf


Acrylic, recycled cardboard
outdoor, plant, tree


Acrylic, recycled cardboard


2m x 60cm
a white and black cat
a painting of a cat
a drawing of a horse