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Painting (MA)

Sabrina Shah

Game Over? 

I remember presenting work in containers as part of my learning during Covid, folders of inspiration, photos. 

During the LockDown there was a lot of commentary that we would ‘build back better’, a new normal. Everyone will have their own story from the last few years.

My early work was about greed, over-eating and never feeling full. My work has been changing. The only certain thing is change, for me painting has always been a mixture of truth, my story and what I would like to see. 

I took a break from my degree during Covid because in my heart I know painting is physical and tangible. I still belief that painting has to be seen/witnessed; this will not change, but as for a community of artists and friendship and peer group, that matters. Sometimes in my work there is subconscious marks about cycles of power, the inevitable, the way our parents’ behaviour maybe haunting us.

Professional: I won the Castlegate prize for a painting about hope. I’m drawn to all things to do with personal growth. I was funded by the Leverhulme Trust for part of my degree and I have exhibited at The John Moores. I love painting. I love the way it is ok for things not to go together.

Painting allows me to explore. Without thinking but with feeling.

Well played everyone. Play On?

Show Location: Battersea campus: Painting Building, First floor

@Jon Archemboldo

In my paintings, subject and process are intimately connected and unmaking allows for slippage and collision–holding a mirror to contemporary culture’s aversion to imperfection by laying bare desire and tension. I'm interested in the history of the surface, while resisting a final finished surface. 

The shadow of complex home environments and enmeshed cultures loom over my work, which explores the intractability of trauma in human relationships. My father is from Pakistan, my mother is Chinese.

Physical pain–and the unseen and unacknowledged centrality it wields over a female life–is embodied deeply within my practice. I find that fear–and the embrace of fear–increasingly figure in my paintings. Fear is the inevitable flip-side of pain, both a consequence and a warning. An acknowledgment of that fear is threaded through my work.

I am curious about people, animals, food, celebration and human behaviour. The trapped figures that populate my work are looking at those who are looking at them, searching for answers. I want my paintings to invite you to look, to really take a close and honest look.

Photograph: @joncarchdeacon

Jack out of the Box
Jack out of the Box130cm x 150cm_Oil and Acrylic on Canvas_2021
Mostly Edible
Mostly EdibleAcrylic and Sand on Canvas, 40cm x 40cm, 2022
Ice Cream Van
Ice Cream VanPhoto, 2021
CrabbyArrange Objects, 2022
Piece or Peace?
Piece or Peace?Photo, 2022

Toys Helping me make sense of Reality


Paintings and Photos
Lockdown Mess
Lockdown MessPhoto_2021
Food Animals gathered around a table, with some baked beans
Spill the BeansCollage and Paint on Paper, 120cm x 60cm, 2020
An owl Man / Women eating a leg of lamb
CannibleOil and Acrylic on Canvas, 60cm x 50cm, 2020
Life's Cyle
Life's CyleAcrylic and Collage on Canvas, 80cm x 80cm, 2021
Angel Face
Angel FaceAcrylic and Photo on Paper, 30cm x 40cm, 2022


Chicken40cm x 25cm, Oil and Acrylic on Board, 2020
St.Johns The Baptist Church
St.Johns The Baptist ChurchStations of the Cross (entrance to my studio!?) Photo, 2021
Bucket List!
Bucket List!115cm x 85cm, oil and acrylic on Canvas,2021

Forget Everything And Run

Face Everything And Rise

False Evidence Appearing Real

Hot and Cold
Hot and ColdAcrylic on Board, 33cm x 40cm, 2022
Self Talk
Self TalkAcrylic on Board, 30cm x 35cm, 2020
Christmas - Again?
Christmas - Again?Photo, 2020
PriestlyAcrylic on Board, 34cm x 45cm, 2021

Still working out what to write in here under the idea of Pain Management. But these are some drawings with paint!

Meat Free
Meat FreeCollage and Acrylic on Paper, 30cm x 40cm, 2021
BonerPhoto, 2019
Happy Times
Happy TimesPaint Marker and Paint on Photo, 30cm x 40cm, 2022
Gone out Fighting (without a Tail!)
Gone out Fighting (without a Tail!)Acrylic Paint and Tissue Paper on Canvas_120cm x 90cm_2022

Detachment is fundamental to my painting process.