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Object Mediated Interactions

Shike Zhang

Shike Zhang is an industrial designer based in London and Hangzhou. She is currently enrolled in the MA Design Product program at Royal College of Art.

She is interested in exploring the relationship between humanity and society in an interdisciplinary way and wants to learn and develop future interactions through physical and virtual objects.

During her study at RCA, she discussed social and humanistic issues with a critical perspective, tried to think and ask questions in various positions, and tried to respond through design.

"Let's look at the cake on each side of the table!"


2020-2022 MA Design Products, Royal College of Art

2016-2020 BEng Industrial Design, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University

Exhibition & Award

Spring Art Season, It's all fun until... - 2022, London

2021 New York Product Design Award - Silver Winner

Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, Third floor

AITV- The world in AI's eye.

This is a speculative installation project that explores the future of evolving artificial intelligence and its implications for its relationship with humans.

For a long time in the past, human beings got to know the whole world through TV. If AI had a TV, what would that TV look like? Can humans understand the world of AI through AI’s TV?

Nowadays, artificial intelligence technology is developing rapidly, and they are describing the world learned from human beings in their own way, such as text, sound, pictures, and so on. I try to construct a fictional TV for AI to tell how AI learns the world from human beings, understands the world, and tries to create so that people can know more about AI and think about the future role of AI.

"What exactly have we taught AI about the world?”

The machine learning processWe are constantly generating data on the Internet. Labeled data becomes the nourishment for AI to learn about the world.
How diffusion model worksDiffusion models work by corrupting the training data by progressively adding Gaussian noise, slowly wiping out details in the data until it becomes pure noise, and then training a neural network to reverse this corruption process. Running this reversed corruption process synthesizes data from pure noise by gradually denoising it until a clean sample is produced.


Mixed Media
How does AI see the world?I began to use DiscoDiffusion to generate pictures to explore AI's understanding of the world.
AI's potential as a product designer
AI & Human codesign scarf - Tasty and Sexy topic
I tried to use clay to transform the pictures it generated into objects, which are the answers given by some AI, the world in its eyes. So I started trying to find a way to translate the world through the eyes of AI.
Welcome to AITVAITV is a Gallary-based speculative and interactive installation. The audience can interact with it by changing the channel by remote control.
AITV Film- Leisure activities for artificial intelligence
Channel DiagramAITV's content is a combination of different AI engines, generated by algorithms. It contains channels, talk about AI learning, judgment, prediction, and creation.
Technical schematic diagramThe AITV connects to a computer or raspberry PI and is powered by a program and an infrared transceiver. Six films scroll in the background to achieve the effect of television.
AI EnginesDifferent algorithm models are used in different parts of AITV.
What does the AI think about when it watches TV?
Maybe one day in the future we'll be sitting on the sofa watching TV with AI


Mixed Media

In the AITV project, the sixth channel is a shopping channel. I made the intelligent door locks generated by AI into 3Dmodels and created a virtual AI design company -- AIDEVICE. AI, which is composed of a designer based on Discodiffusion and a copywriter based on GPT-3.

Teleseller‘s work — A telemarketer's main job is to sell products to potential customers over the phone. They need to make hundreds of calls each day to meet their daily work goals. A teleselling job can be seen as going round and round, with the same opening words.
The slot machine
The dialer
The Film — Today, many repetitive mechanical tasks are performed by machines, but there are still many mechanical tasks that cannot be performed by machines that are performed by humans, often resulting in physical and psychological wear and tear on workers.

In Teleseller Project, Shike studied the problems that arise when humans work in mechanical cycles and tried to respond. How to alleviate and repair the mental wear and tear in the cycle? Can random results from mechanical cycles help with human cycles? What factors can affect and determine the position of workers in the labor system and bargaining power?