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Experimental Communication

Xiaoya Sun

BA New Media Art and Design, Beihang University, China (2019) 

Specialisms include film, animation, interactive installation and graphic design.

You can see Kew’s (Xiaoya’s) works as poetic experimentation.

Focusing on consciousness, concepts, emotions… 

Constantly lost yet always perceptive.

Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, Ground floor

Xiaoya Sun-statement

My path of thought is like an ascetic walk.

Constructing a logical cognition with emotion, and analysing the physical constitution of emotion with a rational attitude. 

The limited experience of one’s life can be regarded as a philosophical case, faced with a resistance to explain the self and the blankness of another space.

I feel a string running secretly in the back of my head, spiralling upward, and can only wait helplessly for its conclusion to reach the front of my head.

Lovers I: I Love You02'08''
Lovers I: I Love You_ Silent01'28''
Lovers II: Sleep01’47’’
Lovers II: Sleep_ Silent01’13’’
Lovers III: The Fudge01'33''
Lovers III: The Fudge_ Silent02’43’’
Robot_ Silent00’58’’
What You Know Is What You Already Knew03’23’’
What You Know Is What You Already Knew_ Silent00’35’’
Men Suck02’02’’
Men Suck_ Silent00’55’’
Dreams_ Silent02’40’’
The Moment01’56’’
The Moment_ Silent00’57’’

Each 2min film can be independently experienced as a dialogue, and the silence corresponding to the dialogue echoes ideas of alternative ways to exchange. Dialogue doesn’t have to be conversation.

Poetic experimentation:

A dialogue, a story, a poem, a film.

Within the conversation:

Exploring how far the human mind can go in a dialogue. Philosophy hidden in everyday conversations: language, logic, emotion, relationship. Dialogue as a metaphor leaving more room after exchanging information. Conversation goes to an end, information goes farther away.

Language can be as beautiful and poetic as life itself, and dialogue is like a melody born when people do not hesitate to share their thoughts in their world. My conversations are all generated between two people, trying to split two logics: difference or harmony, parallel or opposite, leading or following, meaningful or meaningless, rational or emotional, process-oriented or result-oriented.

The limitations of language:

Generating an idea is not the same as a dialogue. What is said in a conversation is often not really conveyed, but the language cannot be changed - Deleuze

About silence:

Dialogue breaks silence; silence breaks dialogue. Silence appears after something is said, silence occurs when nothing is said, silence is before something is said, silence is in the gap between words, some words are silence in themselves.Silence is an active choice, silence is a powerless declaration.

It was a long silence before words. There’s always struggles in telling stories, to find the words, yet stories haven’t been said. We see the self in and out of this world, in and out of others. Language is like the sand on a beach, and silence is the wave.

Avoid thinking too much about the meaning of silence itself, and we realise that well-timed silence gives us strength as we work on language.


video series


Scripts, Text
Scripts, Text
Scripts, Text
Scripts, Text
Scripts, Text
Scripts, Text
Scripts, Text
Scripts, Text
Scripts, Text
Scripts, Text
Scripts, Text

This work began with an experiment in text. The lines are as important as the pictures. I carefully hid my philosophy and interest in each line of writing and enjoyed the writing. There are three key words to understand: text, language, silence. The scripts are a work.