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Sculpture (MA)

Zhaobo Yang

Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, First floor

Zhaobo Yang (b. 1997) specializes in painting and installation, passionate about exploring the possibilities of digital painting and interactive art, which are significant art forms in contemporary art and society. 


He wants to break up the elements in the universe, piecing and combining fragmented components to demonstrate a new perception of an environment that challenges the natural observing habit of the audience and prompts the audience to think. In his works, the original cognition of the physical world does not play a role here; a new connection between the audience and the physical environment is rebuilt. He intends to create a kind of language, remodelling the human memory of the physical world artificially, allowing the audience to participate in the real and the virtual world of the universe at the same time.

The inspiration for the artwork comes from my way of escaping my own pain, and it also carries my interest in the universe and infinite desire for the unknown.

I often endure great physical pain due to gout, and the prolonged pain prompts me to think or place myself in a grander picture. Thus, the existence and emotions of human beings appear to be highly insignificant compared to the boundless universe. Can the contradictions and pain of reality be shortly forgotten under a more macroscopic perspective? Is it an escape or utopia in disguise?

Therefore, I began to investigate whether it is possible to simulate the phenomena and scenes occurring in the universe in my language and allow the audience to experience and interact with the unknown. I try to recreate the elements in the universe through my imagination to present unfamiliar scenes that challenge and provoke the audience, thus temporarily taking the pain of reality out of the picture.


3D printing