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Sculpture (MA)

Ziyi Zhou

Ziyi Zhou is a gentle flower spirit.

Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, First floor

My work has been exploring family relationships, childhood memories, and the subconscious.  The creation of each piece of work can arouse the memory and perception at the bottom of my mind.  The creative process for me is like healing myself over and over again.  I have always kept a child's perspective to tell the world I see in my eyes, and this state of being both an adult and a child has formed my personality and works now

My grave

I use the graveyard of flowers to bury the unspeakable stories of the past.  Now they have grown into fairy flowers, which will always accompany me, guard me, and bless me about the past and the future.


very small
I can't go home, home it's dark. I can't stay outside,the outside also dark
My mom is screaming, my mom is on fire, and my mom's blood was all over my head.
I need a little red car to take me away

This series of works is my memory of the 1990s, as well as my feelings about family relations. I try to express a cold, weird, and depressed feeling.

Dowry is the property that women bring to the husband's family when they get married in China. This work expresses the repression of sexual relations under the traditional concept of marriage.