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Albane Ceyrat

Albane Ceyrat is a French print and woven textiles designer with a strong love for craftsmanship. Heritage and longevity are at the heart of her philosophy. With a strong intellectual and contextual awareness, she believes in the power of applied art and the impact it can have on our society.

Prior to an MA in Weave at the Royal College of Art, Albane completed a BA in Textile Design specialising in Digital Print and Printed Textiles for Fashion and Interior Design at The National School of Fine Arts in Lyon, France. Albane also holds a BA in Weave from the Royal Academy of Art in Bruxelles, Belgium.

Albane’s MA dissertation What We Leave Behind uses the literary device of personification to explore the relationship between humans and fashion through narratives based on personal memories from photographs. This research about transmission and heritage received a distinction and continues to support her practice.

Albane is one of the three students running the RCAs Textile Social community for MA Textiles. Albane is the graphic lead for the Work In Progress and Summer show for the Textiles identity.

Show Location: Battersea campus: Studio Building, Third floor

Cloth of Things

Everything starts in a house with cupboards full of garments. Some that we wear, some that we keep to remember. There are thousands of photographs and memories about clothing and not enough space to display them.

Cloth of Things is a conceptual project questioning the idea of functionality in textiles. Inspired by my grandmother’s garments, my work builds on the idea of archiving, collecting and preserving. My weaving allows me to hold a conversation about our relationship with textiles through craftsmanship.

Where does the fabric sit between space and body?

I want to go beyond the mainstream notion of sustainable clothing, working around the concept of longevity in order to extend functionality and thus respond to the contemporary issues of short-life garments.

My handwoven textile can be:





My grandmother Nicole's maid of honour dress and a photograph of her at the wedding of Hélène Peyramaure the 16 June 1951.
Research and inspiration.
Cloth of Things, media item 1
Cloth of Things, media item 3
Cloth of Things, media item 5
Multipurpose hand-woven textile. Cotton and linen.